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Trauma is an experience that leaves someone feeling powerless, in a state of terror, or fearing for their safety.   It can be the result of many things including abuse, loss, exposure to domestic violence, or separation and divorce.  Trauma is an imprint left by that experience on mind, body, and soul.

It is not the event that determines if something is traumatic to someone, but the individuals' experience of the event and the meaning they make of it.


Some symptoms of trauma are:

  • difficulty sleeping

  • difficulty focusing

  • sudden changes in mood

  • engaging in risky behaviors

  • easily startled

  • excess energy, or too little energy

  • headaches, and stomachaches


How therapy can help:
One of the goals of treating trauma is to help individuals learn to live in the present. 
Working with a trauma informed therapist to process the event is essential in the healing process.  

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