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Navigating Minds, Nurturing Growth, Chasing Sunshine

Lise Fitzsimmons psychotherapist Oakville

Lise Fitzsimmons Therapy is a safe and supportive space for individuals seeking to improve their mental and emotional health.

I work with adults who are experiencing struggles with substance abuse, addictionstraumaanxietydepression and life transitions.

Individual Therapy

Therapy offers a confidential and supportive setting where individuals can discuss their concerns, understand their emotions, and work through personal challenges. It's a space for healing, self-discovery, and empowerment, where people can develop the tools they need to navigate life's complexities and improve their overall quality of life.


Therapy can help people learn to identify and manage factors that contribute to their anxiety. 

Relationship Issues

By creating a safe space, we can explore the dynamics and challenges that may be affecting your relationship.


Depression is more than just sadness. Psychotherapy helps to relieve symptoms.


Recovery for any repeated behavior, substance-related or not involves ongoing treatment and healthier coping strategies.


One of the goals of treating trauma is to help individuals learn to live in the present.

Life Transitions

Supporting you through the healing process to make it less stressful and overwhelming.

Learn more about how therapy can help by exploring my services, or contact me to schedule your appointment today.

465 Morden Rd, Ste. 206, Oakville ON L6K 3W6

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